Security Camera and Surveillance App

Turn two mobile devices into an advanced hi-tech security camera and surveillance monitoring system.

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You can’t be everywhere at once, but with 20:20 you don’t have to be.


20:20 is an amazing app that transforms two Android devices into an advanced, hi-tech security system, allowing you to watch over and protect all of the things you care about.


By linking two (or more) mobile devices together the app turns one device into high-definition security cameras, the other into a live surveillance monitoring system. Need a second phone at low cost? We sell phones.


20:20 has advanced motion detection built in, as well as in-app alerts and built-in intruder alarms. You can also share the live camera feed to your friends and family’s phones and tablets.


In just three easy steps you can be up and running:

  1. Download the app and setup your devices
  2. Put the ‘camera’ in position and take the ‘monitoring’ device with you
  3. Remotely record and watch the live action!


Why Download the 20:20 App?


The 20:20 Security Camera App is the most convenient and cost effective home security alarm system you can buy.
To get a similar system of comparable quality and features, you would currently pay in excess of $1,000. Watch our demo videos to find out more.

20:20 runs on tried and tested quality software that’s already being used in commercial security systems for big businesses. Forget complicated wired systems, 20:20 is reliable and portable.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to set up 20:20. If you can use your phone or tablet, you can use 20:20. Just watch this video to see how to turn your device into an advanced security monitoring system.

All you need is an Internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to be up and running. Unlike other systems, you don’t need a camera permanently installed. Your Android device is the camera, so wherever you take your phone or tablet, you have a security system in your pocket.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Using your second phone or tablet, you have full control over 20:20 and can watch live images from wherever you are. This means you can activate alarms if you've forgotten to set them, or turn them off if somebody's coming home early. Going on holiday? No problem, with 20:20, you have a baby monitor by night, and a video monitor to watch your stuff while you're out during the day. It's so versatile. If you want to remotely monitor several different locations you can also link as many cameras as you like to your 20:20 system.
Alarm Functions

Alarm Functions

Through the app you can easily set intruder alarms to go off when motion is detected. You can even give pre recorded spoken warnings to intruders. When an alarm is triggered an alert will instantly pop up on your phone, you can then watch what’s happening as it happens. 20:20 also uses smart algorithms to tell the difference between an insect or animal and a human being. This is one of the biggest causes of false alarms in traditional home security alarm systems.
Organise Events

Organise Events

The 20:20 app streams a constant live feed between devices when activated. But when the motion detection software detects a disturbance it starts recording and saves the data for you to view. These recordings of movement are called ‘Events’. When an event is created you can ask to be alerted straightaway and these events can be reviewed at any time inside the 20:20 app.


20:20 allows to you share cameras with your Facebook friends. They can view, receive your alarms or even have full control over your camera’s settings, including being able to arm and disarm. That means you can have a whole network of people helping with your security. Business owners can even invite Facebook fans to watch a live stream of what's going on too. See how easy it is to share here.
Full High Definition

Full High Definition

A high frame rate gives you the best quality pictures. If your phone supports it, 20:20 allows you to view and record in full 1080 the same as your HD TV. You can make out faces and number plates from a distance. It's so much clearer than the fuzzy CCTV pictures you see on the news.
Cloud storage

Cloud storage

20:20 stores all your video footage in the 'cloud'. This is great for two reasons: you don't have to store any data on your own phone and it's available wherever you have internet connection.

How Does it Work?

We have put together six short videos so you can get the best out of the 20:20 App.

This short video shows you how to download, install and launch the app.

Watch how to complete the set up so you're up and running. Learn how to start the camera, change sounds and tune the motion detector.

Launch the viewer, change settings and set alarms. Learn all this and more in a few minutes.

Watch for key tips on image quality control, frequency of image updates, motion detection sensitivity and how to maximise live view speed.

View here for tips on arming and disarming alarms and alerts as well as viewing security events.

Learn how to set up motion detection & how to share your camera with friends.